More Workers Getting Hired in Canada

Immigration significantly reduces Canada's labour shortages

In this week’s issue, the Canadian Immigration Lawyers Association urges the government to introduce an Immigrant Bill of Rights, Canada’s New Caregiver Immigration Pilot to Offer Permanent Residence On Arrival, Immigration significantly reduces Canada's labour shortages.

More Workers Getting Hired in Canada

🍁 What Happened
In March, Canada saw employment rise for the second consecutive month, and the number of employees receiving pay and benefits increased by 51,400 (0.3%). This follows an increase of 14,600 (0.1%) in February. Over the past year, payroll employment grew by 232,100 (1.3%). 

🧳 Why it’s Happening 
The rise in employment is driven by economic recovery and increasing demand in key sectors like healthcare and education. As the country recovers from the pandemic, there is a growing need for services and infrastructure, leading to more job opportunities.

Healthcare and social assistance sectors, for example, are expanding to meet the needs of an ageing population and ongoing public health demands. Educational services are growing due to increased enrollment and the need for more educational infrastructure.

🇨🇦 Why it Matters
The decrease in job vacancies and the growth in specific sectors highlight the importance of targeted immigration policies to fill labour gaps. Programs like Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are essential to attract skilled workers to meet Canada’s economic needs.

Understanding regional employment trends helps in crafting policies that address local economic conditions. The significant job gains in Prince Edward Island, for instance, show the potential for economic growth in smaller provinces.


  • The Canadian Immigration Lawyers Association is urging the government to introduce an Immigrant Bill of Rights and an Ombudsperson to enhance the immigration system. Their report, "Let's Clean Up Our Act," emphasizes a more human-centric approach to immigration, addressing gaps, ensuring fairness, and improving the experience for newcomers. Read more

  • Canada’s New Caregiver Immigration Pilot to Offer Permanent Residence On Arrival under a simplified process. The new programs, will admit over 15,000 caregivers annually. Read more

  • Immigration has significantly reduced Canada's labour shortages, with job vacancies dropping by 39.7% in two years. Immigrants play a crucial role, filling gaps in the workforce and supporting the economy through various skilled worker programs offering permanent residence. Read more

  • The Alberta Advantage Immigration Program has issued 4,337 nominations from its 2024 allocation of 9,750. Key streams include the Alberta Opportunity Stream and the Rural Renewal Stream. This strategic approach aims to attract skilled workers and entrepreneurs, boosting Alberta's economic growth and addressing labour market needs. Read more


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